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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Quilted Gift Bag & Potholder

If you saw this post about my son's wedding, 
you will recognize the fabrics for this project! 
I wanted to use all of the bits and pieces of material 
leftover from the art folders and bibs.
I decided to make a quilted tote bag and pot holder 
for my new daughter-in-law. 
Since I wasn't able to attend any bridal showers 
(Vancouver is a looong way from home!)  
I packed this bag with towels and some extra treats 
to give Lea and Ian when we arrived for their wedding.

I started by cutting a square of blue fabric that 
became the center of the design. 
From there I added strips of printed and blue fabric 
and then small triangles of the printed material. 
Blue and printed borders finished the front design. 
To complete the bag each piece (front, back and sides) 
were machine quilted and then handles and a lining 
were added. This makes the bag very sturdy and durable.

A large red button creates a colurful focal point on the front.

I made a quilted potholder with the last of the 
printed and blue fabrics. I used a wool quilt batting 
and a decorative machine stitch to quilt each of the sides  
before stitching them together.
Side one of the Potholder

Side 2 of the Potholder
Thanks for visiting today.
Karen C.

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