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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Baby Swaddle and Burb Cloths

I've been sewing and knitting for my grand daughter 
who will be making her debut at the end of November. 
Here are the first of some items I made.

Baby Swaddle 
I used  this pattern to make a 
flannelette swaddle for the new baby.
I used a combination of 2 prints and 
a light pink solid for the swaddle.

When the swaddle is open, you can see
the little pouch where the baby is placed. 
The two "wings" fold around the front of 
the baby to create a cozy wrap.

Receiving Blanket

I used the same colourful print on one side 
and a light pink for the backing. 
Bright pink decorative stitching holds 
the two layers together.

Burb Cloths
I really liked the shaped design of this pattern 
and used it to make 6 burb cloths with various
flannelette prints and solids.

I used a dark pink on the backing and then added the same fabric as an accent band.

The second burb cloth uses a white flannelette backing.

This burb cloth uses a light pink for the backing and an accent band on the front. 

Dark pink backing and accent band.

Another dark pink backing and band.

A bright green backing and accent band.

Thanks for visiting today.
Karen C.

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